Admission Requirements


Please submit the following requirements to the Registrar’s Office 

For onsite submission: 

(Office hours: 8:00AM to 3:00PM, lunch break at 12:00-1:00PM, entrance via Gate 1)

For online submission, please send the scanned copies to this email address:


1. Birth Certificate (2 photocopies)

2. Baptismal Certificate (1 photocopy)

3. Accomplished Student Information Sheet (Download form from STCQC website)

4. Accomplished Recommendation Form (Download form from STCQC website)

5. 1 x 1 colored ID pictures (2 pcs.)

6. Alien’s Certificate of Registration (1 photocopy) – For foreign applicants only

7. Passport Data Page (1 photocopy) – For foreign applicants only

Note: for on-site submission, bring original and photocopies of Birth and Baptismal Certificates

Kindly wait for an email from the admission officer once the documents have been submitted. Thank you.

Accomplished Student Information Sheet - in MS Word format - Click Here to Download

Accomplished Recommendation Form - in PDF format - Click Here to Download

***All classrooms are fully air conditioned, equipped with multimedia equipment, online learning platform and WiFi connected.







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