• Session on Hunger

    Session on Hunger

    July 21, 2017 / Session on Hunger

    Sr. Adolphine Hall (Social Hall)
































































  • Session on Hunger


    What are we willing to do to confront/ defeat the two headed monster called Hunger & Poverty?

    More than 700 participants representing the different sectors of the STCQC Community (ICM sisters, GS & HS faculty & personnel, Grade 11 & 12 students, and Family Council) gathered for the 1st HRD Session of the year, to listen to the moving talks of Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J., Former President of the Ateneo De Manila University and Founder of the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED), and his team, about the lingering problem of hunger and poverty in our country.

    In his presentation, Fr. Ben made the audience aware that the problem of hunger and poverty go hand in hand, and as such, need to be addressed together. As Fr. Ben said, “We cannot improve education without confronting hunger! And we cannot end poverty without improving education!”

    Mr. Christopher Ryan Adalem, Project Officer of ACED, gave an overview of the in-school feeding programs that the Ateneo through ACED has embarked on. These feeding programs provide hot and nutritious lunch meals for more than 20,000 malnourished children in various public schools and daycares. Together with Mr. Adalem were two parent volunteers from the feeding program, Nanay Edina Morano and Nanay Salome Panol. Both nanays happily shared their experiences as beneficiaries and volunteers of the feeding program.

    After the talks and sharing of the speakers, the STC community divided into small groups for a breakout session to discuss possible solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty in our society. The insights and suggestions were shared during the plenum that followed.

    Thank you, Fr. Ben, Sir Christopher, Nanay Edina and Nanay Salome for reminding us that we shouldn’t simply be viewers of the problems of hunger and poverty in our society…we should be movers instead.

    We can do a lot and accomplish much to defeat the two headed monster called hunger and poverty, if we work together through the spirit of volunteerism.