• LOVING ST. TERESA OF AVILA BY Ms. Ethel Quintos Santiago

    (A parent's testimony)

    Sharing with you this heartwarming testimony of Ms. Ethel Quintos Santiago, Alumna - STCQC HS Class of ’99, about her daughter’s love and admiration for St. Teresa of Avila, Patroness of STCQC.


    “My daughter (who's a Theresian just like mum 😀until we had to move to Australia) received the Sacrament of Confirmation last night. They were asked to choose a saint who has inspired them and who they intend to follow as they grow in faith. That will be their confirmation name and they had to make their stoles bearing their patron saints. The first thing on her mind was of course St. Teresa of Avila. To our surprise, there were lots of other girls in school who chose her as well!! All coming from different parts of the world, they know a lot about her too. 
    I prayed for each of the Teresa who was there, and every time the bishop blessed the kids and called out "Teresa of Avila, may you be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit", I whispered in silence, "Let your light shine, be a blessing." That made us both so proud of being a Theresian! Please pray for my daughter that even if she's no longer in STC, she lives by the values that the school has taught her during her stay. I'll make sure I'll pass it on to her and to her sisters. Thank you STC!”


    We congratulate you, Venice, for achieving another milestone in your faith life, and to you Ms. Ethel, for instilling in your children the Theresian values you cherish.

    May you keep the fire of your love and admiration for St. Teresa of Avila burning, as you let your light shine and be blessings to others.