• Phoenix AraLinks Quest 2018


    STC QC Grade School and High School Department

    Phoenix AraLinks Quest 2018
    February 16, 2018

    GS-Intermediate Division
    Dominique Joy Rustia 
    -National Level, Top Scorer - Science
    -National Level, Top Scorer - English
    -Regional Level (Luzon), Top Scorer, Math
    -Regional Level (Luzon), Top Scorer, Science
    -Regional Level(Luzon), Top Scorer, English
    -National Level, 4th Runner-Up, Individual Category
    -Regional Level(Luzon), 3rd Runner-Up, Individual Category
    Silver Medalist, National Level

    Danielle Monica Mariano
    GS-Primary Division
    -National Level, Top Scorer, English
    -Regional Level (Luzon), Top Scorer, English
    -National Level, 5th Runner-Up, Individual Category
    -Regional Level (Luzon), 4th Runner-Up, Individual Category
    -Silver Medalist, National Level, English

    High School Division 1
    Maiah Marguerite Esmediana Esmediana
    -Team Category, National Level, Champion
    -Team Category, Regional Level, Champion
    -Regional Level, Top Scorer, Math
    -Regional Level, Merit Award

    High School Division 2
    Renee Beatrice Cabazor
    -National Level, 6th Runner-Up, Individual Catergory
    -Regional Level, 7th Runner-Up, Individual Category
    -Regional Level, Silver Medalist

    GS Coach Ms.Marilene Tion

    HS Coach Ms. Rose Pati and Ms. Hyacinth Lenderos

    (out of 115 schools nationwide)