• Farewell Walk of Grade 12 (Senior High Students)

    Farewell Walk 
    of Grade 12 (Senior High Students)
    March 9, 2018

    STCQC Grade School and High School Lawn


    A Farewell Walk of the Graduating Seniors for SY 2017-2018
    March 9, 2018

    Every beginning has an end. And in April 2018, the journey in STCQC of the very first batch of Grade 12 Theresians will end as they receive their diploma, take their final bow, and graduate from St. Theresa’s College, Q.C. Their departure from STCQC shall definitely leave an eternal memory in the corridors of this institution.

    As a fitting tribute and send-off to the graduating seniors, the students, teachers and personnel of the Grade School and High School Departments lined up along the corridors to say goodbye and wish them well during the Seniors’ Farewell Walk last March 9, 2018. As the graduating seniors walked through the corridors of the Grade School and High School, the undergraduates, teachers and personnel cheered them on and wished them well in the next phase of their lives. The last stop of the graduating students during the Farewell Walk was at the HS Lawn where ICM Sisters, Sr. Josefina F. Nebres and Sr. Vicky Palanca, GS and HS Principals, Elizabeth D. Mendoza and Maria Teresa C. Bayle, and the members of the GS and HS Academic Councils gathered. Sr. Josefina Nebres, Mrs. Bayle and Mrs. Mendoza gave their congratulatory messages on behalf of the entire STCQC community.

    This outpouring demonstration of love and appreciation from the members of the STCQC community which brought tears to the eyes of the graduating students will stay with them forever.