• Official STCQC Email Accounts for Enrollees of SY 2020-2021

    Students who enroll in STCQC for SY 2020-2021 will be assigned an
    official STCQC email for the GSuite account
    which will be used for Distance Learning.
    The email account will have the following format:
    (complete given name)(last name)@stcqc.edu.ph
    (e.g. karenlouisesantos@stcqc.edu.ph)
    For those who have abbreviated first name
    (e.g. Ma. Kristina Santos, the account will be written as ma.kristinasantos@stcqc.edu.ph )
    where the second name is included.
    We will give you an update once
    the email is activated and is ready for use.
    Policies and guidelines regarding the use of the
    STCQC email account will be sent to you  via the assigned email account.
    For technical support and other concerns, please email us at