• STCQC Primer on Distance Learning



     FOR SY 2020-2021
    1.  What learning platforms will the students use for Distance Learning?             
    Preschool and Grade 1 will use Google Classroom as LMS-platform.  Grades 2 to 6 will use CLE primarily. The Junior and Senior High School will use CLE as the main platform and GSuite as complementary platform.
    2.  How will you make sure that CLE will work and will not have disconnection problems?          
    The CLE hosting platform was already upgraded.  We will use GSuite  and other platforms as back up in case CLE is down.
    3.  What are the specifications of the gadget  to be used to access the  CLE and other platforms to be used in DL?
    The CLE normally works on even the most basic unit.
    4.   Will the students need a  Gmail account?     
    Students who enroll in STCQC for SY 2020-2021 will be assigned an official STCQC email for the GSuite account which will be used for Distance Learning. The email account will have the following format:   (first name)(Last name)@stcqc.edu.ph  (e.g. karensantos@stcqc.edu.ph). For those who have abbreviated first name (e.g. Ma. Kristina Santos, the account will be written as ma.kristinasantos@stcqc.edu.ph ) where the second name is included.
    We will give you an update once the email is activated and is ready for use. Policies and guidelines regarding the use of the STCQC email account will be sent to you via the assigned email account.
    5.  Will there be a trial/dry run class for all students to test their gadgets and internet connection?
     We will have a dry run of classes for the GS and HS students in July before we start classes. This is also when the students can already test their gadgets. The CLE Orientation will be part of the orientation which includes schedules, learning modules, school policies,  among others, which will be  given during the first week of classes.
    6.  Will there be a schedule followed for online classes considering students who share gadgets with siblings?
    Our schedule is based on the principle of flexibility. It also considers various home conditions. So, you can actually adjust the schedule to suit the needs of the family.  Similarly, synchronous classes can be accessed using varied gadgets from a laptop, iPad, tablet, to cellphones. You just need to ensure that all of your children will be able to accomplish the given tasks for the particular day or week.
    7.  If the child gets disconnected from class during a synchronous session, will she still be considered present for it?
    Just communicate this matter with the teacher through possible channels so that consideration may be extended. The teachers will also orient them on this.
    8.  For passing pictures of finished school work or output, can we use a picture taken with a camera instead of a screenshot from a phone?
     Whatever works well for your daughter to efficiently submit the work/output will be accepted.
    9.  Can we choose two modes of delivery/accessing the learning materials? Can we sign up for both  online and offline?
     It is best to choose the delivery mode that is best suited for your condition so that there will be no confusion. Let’s say you chose to be online but suddenly, you lost connectivity. Then, you can contact the teachers to say that while your connectivity is poor, your child will go offline and you can make arrangements on how to go about it. Other than this, since learning modules present both the online and offline activities, the student may continue the module using the offline activities. For those in the offline mode, should there be times when connectivity is good, then they can also access thee online activities.
    For the offline users, the learning packets will be given on a weekly basis. During enrolment, you answer a survey. If you  choose offline, you  also determine how the modules will be delivered to you. Picking them up on Fridays is one of the options.
    10.  What is the ratio of the teacher and students during synchronous sessions?
    If you are referring to online synchronous live discussion, it depends upon the level and the difficulty of the lesson or activity. For younger students, we are considering grouping them in smaller groups for synchronous sessions. For older students, the teacher can handle the entire class simultaneously if the activity does not require the teacher to demonstrate and expect to see each student following the task in real time.
    11.  Will online sessions be recorded? Will students or parents have access to pre-recorded sessions?
     If these are synchronous live sessions, the teacher’s presentations will be recorded and will be uploaded in the CLE where students can always refer back to them when they need to.  However, students should not appear onscreen for data privacy reasons.  The file should not be shared with other parties and should not be posted on social media for public consumption. The violation of such will be against the data privacy law.
    12.  What kind of grading system will be used?
    Since there are changes in the modality of teaching and learning in the new normal, we will be transitioning from QUANTITATIVE NUMERICAL grading system to QUALITATIVE- CRITERION BASED assessment of learning that highlights the use of AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENTS.
    13.  How will the credibility of exams be ensured?
     Our assessment from the type to the way we administer it will be changing as we venture into Distance Learning. While we will put measures in place and try our best to create assessments that will really show students’ capacity, we still emphasize the need for both parents and students to put honesty and integrity to the fore. Remember that the goal of education is to see how students progress in their learning and it should not be focused on just passing or obtaining good marks.
    14.  How will the offline learners take the tests?              
    The summative tests of offline learners will not be given to them through the learning packets.  Instead, these will be emailed.  Since in the survey, almost everyone has an internet connection somehow or access to internet, but some just have poor or unstable connection, they can still download the test when it’s time to answer.  They can also have it printed from an internet shop.  Then, after answering, they take a picture of their answers and send it through email.  The actual test will be placed in the learning packet for checking by the teacher. Alterations may not be made anymore once they send the picture already.
    15. Do we really need to buy books? Can we still use books with answers or used textbooks by the siblings in the family in consideration of our financial status brought about by the pandemic?
     Yes. Books are very essential learning tools in Distance Learning. Hence, the school really encourages the parents to buy textbooks since most of the formative assessments will be done in the worktext. Parents are discouraged to use books with answers already because it defeats the purpose of the assessment. However, if they opt to use the old books used by their siblings they should do something on the pages with answers to make sure that their daughter’s learning is not compromised.
    16.  Are the students required to wear uniforms during online classes? How many sets of uniforms do we need to purchase during this time?
    The daily uniform will be used when they attend Eucharistic Celebrations,  general assemblies, and  synchronous sessions every Mondays  for the Grade School, Junior  and Senior High School students, and once a week synchronous class for the Preschool students.  For the rest of the synchronous sessions during the week, they may wear any comfortable decent clothing.
    The PE uniform will have to be used during PE classes for them to be comfortable in executing activities. The school will be sending you an email regarding the PE rubber shoes.
    For incoming Grade 1, Grade 7, Grade 11 students as well as transferees, we strongly encourage you to purchase at least 1 set of daily uniform and 1 set of PE uniform. For old students, existing  uniforms may still be used.
    17.  How can we use the Learning Resource Center?
    For the High School Students
    The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPPAC) will be made able through the students’ CLE Account where students can borrow physical books. The pick- up and retrieval of the borrowed books will be scheduled on the same day of the pick-up and retrieval of students LEARNING PACKETS/KITS. E-resources are also available. Here they can also access via their CLE account e-books and e-journals placed in one Gdrive .
    Guidelines on the LRC and all its services are all accessible via CLE and an orientation will also be given them during the start of classes.