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    Healtheresian Bulletin


    Dear Theresians,


    Since the existence of COVID-19 here in the Philippines, and with the ODL set up that everyone had to face for the first time, the clinic team is really sorry for having a very limited time  and ways to reach you out.  Having such work outcome makes us feel unfulfilled in any aspect of our role as Theresian formator or Theresian student services provider.

    By the grace of our Heavenly Father and with the persistent hard work  of our school administrator, as  well as the generous acceptance of our new school doctor to commit herself in extending her medical service through partnership with STCQC ; the clinic has now a better approach and more quality time to provide its service and accommodate health related concerns and needs of our dear students.  

    This school year, we will try our best to provide you quality service through the following programs:


    Healtheresian Bulletin website

    Routine follow up for our students and their family who have been inflicted by any illness.

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