Testimonial of Ms. Sophia Roman - Grade 8 Gregoria De Jesus


Grade 8- 6 Gregoria De Jesus

I am Sophia Roman, a grade 8 student. Yes, I am already in Grade 8 despite my petite stature. When I was invited to share my thoughts about my experiences in high school, I gladly accepted because I believe that what I will share with you today may help you with one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.


Two years ago, I was in the same shoes as you are in now. I was both excited and anxious about my high school life. Just like you, I had so many questions in my mind. But the biggest question that loomed over me was this…”Where will I study in high school?”


You see, I was a transferee. I transferred here to STCQC only last year when I entered Grade 7.   I remember spending the summer of my Grade 6 year with my eyes glued to the computer for hours, looking for the school where I will spend the next six years of my life in. I had a lot of options, but the school that stood out for me was STCQC.


You may ask why STC? Well, to be honest, at first it was because of the beauty and spaciousness of this school. I instantly fell in love with the two big lawns on the campus, because I had space to run around in and expel my energy. I did not have that luxury when I was younger, because I used to study in a small school with not much space for movement.


But as the days of my Grade 7 year went by, I realized that my love for this school has grown beyond the beauty of the two lawns. I love it more now because of the richness of the activities, opportunities and experiences it offers me. To name a few, I love the different engaging discussions and creative presentations we have in the classroom. I also look forward to the Integrated Outbound Educational Program which allows us to learn beyond the 4 walls of our classroom. I enjoy the 3-day HS Palaro or Intramurals which challenges our physical abilities while developing our sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. And lastly, I feel a sense of pride and  accomplishment as a member of the TSC or Theresian Student Council and the Debate Team.


True to what I’ve heard about STCQC, academic excellence is always given top priority. Before STC, I had never heard of the term “transfer task”. I really thought that it would be the end of me on the first day of school when my adviser said, “I expect that transfer tasks aren’t new to you anymore.” I was speechless and at a loss, because we never had that in my previous school. But, with the help my classmates, teachers and family I was able to adapt to the ways & practices here in STC, and with all humility say that I did very well in my academics and in all the extra-curricular activities I joined in last year. 


I realized too that hand in hand with academic excellence, STCQC is also concerned about the development of one’s character. You see, I observed that my view of the world around me changed. I became more aware, more mindful and more concerned. My exposure to the realities of life such as the struggles of the marginalized communities and the mistreatment of our environment through the different Kasayanan ni Teresa para sa Pamayanan  or KASAMAHAN and Leadership Enhancement  and Development  or LEAD activities has made a great impact on the way I see and do things. I am now more aware of the issues around me as well as more proactive and involved. Now I understand the meaning of what my teachers have been saying that, “STC aims for holistic development.”


I’ve only been a Theresian for two years, but I feel that I have learned so much and have changed for the better. I am so looking forward to my remaining four years of high school life here in STCQC. I have yet to accomplish so many things like trying out for the Fiat Lux, our dance varsity team, taking the Humanities and Social Sciences or HUMSS strand in senior high and a lot more. It might seem that I’m getting ahead of myself, but I know that in STCQC, I can achieve all these and more.


So, did I make the right choice of transferring to STC for my high school years? My answer is a definite YES.  I am confident that when I receive my STCQC diploma in Grade 12, I will be ready to take on the responsibilities of a college student, because after all, STC has trained and prepared me well to face the challenges of life.