Family Council



In the pursuance of the Vision-Mission goal of St. Theresa's College, family-friendly bonding is essential. The matrix of educational partnership with the first educators, the parents, is kept alive in and through the Family Council, the official organization where all parents are members, represented by a Chairperson and the Family Council Board, by the Section Parent Volunteers.

        Parents are animated to absorb the pattern of Social Orientation of the school. Thus, projects encouraged are not for self-serving activities but those that are culturally innovative without hurting the wisdom and genius of our Filipino culture, and socializations that develop awareness, social involvement, social critique and community building group actions like medical missions, water conservation, peace walks or peace camps and protection of women and children.


Family Council Activities:

  1. Mid-life Marriage
  2. Family Council Chorale (FCC)
  3. Mobile Clinic
  4. High School Parents Assembly
  5. Family Day Briefing
  6. Personnel's Sportsfest
  7. Student's Sportsfest
  8. Christmas Outreach



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