Propelled by the vision towards education for leadership and service,

St. Theresa’s College, Quezon City adopts/espouses a dynamic slogan, STC,

a LEADSTAR (Leadership, Excellence, Advocacy, Discipline/Discipleship,

Simplicity/Service, Truth, Accountability and Reform). This speaks of our

commitment to promote and sustain transformative leadership exercised

in service, excellence in both academics and character/personality

formation and advocacy through discipleship. STC, Q.C., a LEADSTAR will

always be a constant reminder and guide to all members of the school

community, students, personnel, parents, partner communities, and

administration in the pursuit of the school’s Vision and Mission towards

the Fullness of Life - GOD’s Dream for humankind.

Leadership where one exercises servanthood. A leader is a servant first

and foremost.

Excellence a person is able to achieve her/his highest potential. It

does not mean perfection because only God is perfect nor

does it mean upholding competition

Advocacy we commit to the promotion of the gospel values of faith,

love, truth, freedom, justice and peace. These together

with simplicity and service- orientedness make up our

core values.

Discipline /Discipleship

we commit to uphold continuously discipline and

discipleship because to Lead and to Follow with a purpose

and meaning is to cultivate a deeper sense of inner

discipline in one’s own personhood

Simplicity /Service

we commit to live out continuously the values of simplicity

of our desires and aspirations that we are able to give

genuine Service to others and promote peace.

Truth It is the key to freedom because the truth will set us free.

Truth allows us to perform our duties and responsibilities

authentically and without pretenses

Accountability a person should take responsibility for every action

that he/she does. It is essential to the promotion of

genuine concern for others.

Reform every person is innately good and capable of changing for

the better. Reformation and renewal should start in every

person to affect a genuine change in the society and the


The STCQC High School leaders recently visited Talim Island in Rizal as part their of Leadership Development Training Program. There, they interacted and shared life stories with the women, youth and children of Barangay Janosa. This activity was in partnership with the Asian Social Institute, Social Development Department. (SY 2018 - 2019)

LEAD Enhancement Activity - TALIM Island Community Interaction

Happy Monday, Theresians!

Let our LEADSTAR guide you this week, so that you can spread love and positivity to everyone!

Remember to shine and be a blessing to others!


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