Home of the Topnotchers-70 Years of Forming Women Leaders of Character and Substance

Atty. Joan De Venecia - Top 1 in the Bar Examination 2005

Dr. Reina Diane Tajonera - Top 1 in the Dentistry Licensure Examination 2013

Ma. Margaret Sanchez - Top 1 in the Nursing Licensure Examination 2014

Dr. Marienne Princess Mercado - Top 1 in the Optometry Licensure Examination 2014

Denise Cydee Enriquez - Top 1 in the Guidance and Counseling Licensure Examination 2014,

Patricia Evangelista (Batch 2008) Agence France Presse Kate Webb Prize 2014 for Journalism

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Such unique and exemplary traits could only be the promise of an exceptional education provided by one of the finest schools in the country - St. Theresa’s College Quezon City.




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