• Launching of READ and Speak English Campaign




    Many Theresian grade-schoolers showcased their impressive talents in the arts through this year’s “Launching of the READ and Speak English Campaign,” which was held at the High School Covered Court last September 29, 2016. Pupils from Grades 1 to 6 sang, danced, and acted entertainingly onstage. Through their presentation, they encouraged not only their fellow students but also the teachers, administrators, and other STC personnel to read books and to speak in good and correct English.


    Through the effort and the guidance of Mrs. Catherine M. Franco (overall director), Ms. Mary Jufel Suganob, Mrs. Jennifer Santos, Mrs. Glenda Mendoza (SINAG Theater Arts facilitators),  Mrs. Helen Hernaez and Ms. Misha De Leon (scriptwriters),

    Mrs. Antonia Iquin (English Area Coordinator), and the other English teachers, the SINAG Theater Arts members together with the other chosen pupils were able to deliver a wonderful musical presentation. It was brilliant in all aspects, but three things undoubtedly captured the audience’s attention. One of these was how famous Disney characters such as Snow White, Pocahontas, and Maleficent came to life and interacted with the other actresses onstage. This added to the overall dynamic of the short play much to the delight of the audience, especially the primary students. Aside from this, the audience also loved how some children adorably spoke in different languages in order to make people realize the possible effects of not knowing how to communicate effectively using our universal language. Lastly, there was also the interaction of the actresses with the audience through the echoing of responses, which helped in emphasizing the importance of reading books and speaking in good and correct English.


    The Theresian community loved every bit of this year’s launching. Even the members of the cast themselves and the people behind the production could not help but express their overflowing satisfaction and gratitude on how successful the production turned out to be. From the dramatic delivery of the lines down to the song numbers, one can truly say, “Magnifique!